Well-Maintained Fleets That Keep You Moving

Our Trucking Services

At Preston, we’re committed to supplying every need our customers have, including trucking services. We have a variety of programs to keep your operation moving, no matter what challenges you face. Using the latest technology, we keep our equipment in top-notch condition, ready for performance. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of what you need and minimize your total output. We support our fleets with well-trained mechanics to keep your job up and running.

Problems We Solve

Tight Deadlines

In the heavy civil industry, your time really does translate to money. We meet your deadlines to ensure the success of your project.

Material Transportation & Logistics

The last thing you need is to find a trucking company once your project is already in the works. Preston’s fleet increases your capacity to be efficient.

Safety & Environmental Hazards

At Preston, safety isn’t an option, it’s a part of our way of life. We have measures in place to mitigate risk that exceed federal and state requirements, especially at brownfield and mining sites.

Complex Sites

The experience of our teams makes us so much greater than the sum of our parts. Together we can tackle any challenge that arises.