Landfill Contracting Services

The refuse never stops piling up and we never stop performing.

Depth of Bench

Expertise matched by Experience

Preston Contractors has both the strength of knowledge and depth of experience to handle any landfill construction job. We have invested in the right people to provide greater service to our customers. Our multiple in-house engineers (four P.E's), numerous dedicated superintendents, and hundreds of employees effectively plan, execute, and manage the most difficult of projects.

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    In-house Engineers

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    Dedicated Superintendents

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    Generations of know-how

Landfill Construction Capabilities

Our cell construction consists of an existing conditions topographical (topo) survey, earth moving (cut/fill) to achieve design base grades, survey to measure top of structural fill surface, clay soil liner placement (specified permeability), survey to measure top of soil liner, placement of geosynthetic liners (includes gcl, 60-mil, geotextile, drainage net), placement of protective cover or drainage layer, placement of leachate collection system (HDPE pipes including welding, sump risers, pumps, panel and electrical connections), rain flap berms, and survey for top of protective cover (or as-built survey).

Landfill capping is challenging since the surface often settles during construction, making it difficult to place materials according to a specific design. Capping also involves equipment on steep slopes, working around active gas collection pipes and wells, and trying to maintain soils that are disturbed from washing during every storm event. Placement of stormwater berms and down drains also is problematic due to changing grades (settlement issues), and avoidance of gas system or other obstacles.

Capping includes the existing conditions survey, cut (if site overfilled areas) or fill (to achieve design grades), typically 12-24 inches of soil are required prior to placement of geosynthetics (40-mil, geonet, geotextile), 12-36” of soil on top of the liner with 6-12” of topsoil for vegetation.

We provide two types of capping:

  • Traditional soil/geosynthetic caps
  • Exposed membrane caps. The exposed cap is easier to construct as it does not require the soil above the liner, however, stormwater volumes and velocities become an issue if site’s infrastructure is not properly designed or improved to handle.

Infrastructure projects would include roads (paved and unpaved), borrow area development or closure, sediment basin construction or buildings (maintenance shops, scale house, administrative offices…these are often completed by building contractors…but utility trenches and pipe work could fall in line with Preston).

Our crew works on projects more commonly associated with landfill operations and include sediment basin cleaning, storm-water channel improvements, diversion berms, hauling daily or intermediate soil cover, leachate seep repairs, and slope failure. Our operational crew may also assist with closing out larger projects.

Core Services

Landfill work isn’t pretty, it isn’t simple, and it isn’t for everyone. At Preston Contractors, we are landfill construction experts who get the job done as promised. No excuses.

  • New cell/pit construction
  • Final closure cap construction
  • Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) and remediation
  • Sediment pond construction and cleaning
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fusing
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Erosion control
  • Earth and rock excavation
  • Geosynthetic liner site prep
  • Geotextile installation
  • Drainage or protective layer installation
  • Gas and leachate collection systems installation
  • Stormwater management
  • Protective covering and vegetation layering
  • Seeding
  • Minor concrete work
  • Roadwork and infrastructure
  • Crushing and screening

I am very impressed with Preston Contractors and how their supervisors and employees have conducted themselves on all of our job sites, from their daily safety training to their professional conduct when providing issues that need resolved during projects. Their productivity is second to none and they are wonderful to work with. Preston always looks ahead during construction to anticipate potential obstacles that may arise and tries to resolve them sooner than later. There is no such thing as a perfect job, but Preston has never failed to produce a quality product in a timely manner.

Jeff Bonaventura WV Area Engineer, Waste Management